YouTube’s streaming alternative to cable TV has gained rave reviews since its launch two years ago. Even though subscribers are happy, the service is certainly not sleeping on the job.

In October, YouTube TV introduced new features that have improved user experience. Some new features include a dark theme which helps to cut down the glare. Sensitive eyes rejoice!

They also have created features that make flipping through the channels a breeze. Now there is a live preview that is visible as you scroll down the list of channels. This way you can preview the content as you decide what you’d like to watch.

Probably the coolest feature added is that sports fans can now shield themselves from spoilers. No more catching the final score before enjoying the game! YouTube TV has created a “hide all scores for this team/league” option which enables fans to hide scores for specific sports teams and leagues.

In addition to the platform improvements the company also enhanced their DVR capabilities. The enhancements include unlimited storage space for cloud DVR. Which means, users do not have to worry about exceeding limits, they can load as many shows, games, and movies into YouTube TV’s DVR.

All of this sounds pretty great. However, it does come with a price tag. Recently, YouTube TV decided on a shiny new price…

Google is increasing the price of YouTube TV to $50 per month. The rise in the monthly price applies to both existing subscribers and new ones.

On April 10th, Google’s YouTube announced that they were increasing the price of YouTube TV. The price increase will change to $49.99 per month for subscribers, and $54.99 per month for the subscribers who pay through Apple iTunes.

The increase will go into effect for existing subscribers beginning May 13th. While the price hike has already gone into effect for new members. The company originally launched YouTube TV at the cost of $35 per month. In March of 2018, the price increased to $40.

In the announcement Google explained why they felt the need to increase its prices. The tech company stated that it has expanded its service to cover the entire country. They have added in new enhancements to the platform, and have added more than 10 new channels since their original launch.

YouTube TV also plans to add in Discovery, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and a handful of other channels.

While their reasoning for increasing the monthly cost is valid. We’re wondering what you think? Do you find YouTube TV to be worth the monthly price?