Happy Earth Day!

We’re all a little wild about nature documentaries. With it being Earth Day, it is even more fitting!

In order to build a loyal audience, streaming services and TV channels rely heavily on premium programming. Oddly enough, one genre has become a surprising must have. Nature documentaries.

Yes you read that correctly, nature documentaries. From their epic scales, unique point of views, and mostly family-friendly content, audiences are wild about nature.

Nature documentaries such as “Planet Earth”, “Frozen Planet”, and “Our Planet” have become staples in this era. Consider this, later this year BBC America will convert itself into “Project Awe“. Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, every Saturday, 24 hours will be dedicated to premium nature and wildlife content. Pretty wild huh?

Or take a look at Discovery. Just last week they finalized a deal with BBC Studios to launch a global streaming service focused on nature and natural history programming.

Meanwhile, Netflix, is launching their own take on the genre this month called “Our Planet”. While Netflix already has been streaming the original “Planet Earth” it is stepping up its nature content to celebrate Earth Day.

There is something inspiring about watching these documentaries. They highlight the changing environment and how it is affecting the worlds most fascinating species.