Trade Desk, an online advertising marketplace, has changed the way you can reach audiences with your ads.

Trade Desk, has advertising capabilities across devices and targeting; specifically connected TV. In return, they connect your advertisements to a highly engaged audience, wherever they are watching!

With the growth of Trade Desk has seen great growth with their connected TV technology. However, they are now looking at more modest expectations on their automated-buying platform for connected TV.

Michael Levine, senior research analyst of Pivotal Research Group said he believes, in a revenue stand point, there is some work to be done. Levine, believes that Trade Desk’s relationships with agencies will be key to their success. However, he believes they need to penetrate the TV buyers’ silo of the organization.

These factors will determine where and what ad competitors will do to strengthen or enter the technology for marketers. For example, Google, continues to add to its growing advertising stack of technology for marketers. They are beginning to strengthen their position on specific areas, like video.

Trade Desk recently said there has been three revenue projections for 2020 are between $896 – $899 million. Meanwhile, the projections for 2021 are even greater; $1.16-$1.19 billion.