Skinny bundles, on-demand, and subscription services – digital TV has it all!

The “Industry Survey 2019” is a survey that was conducted by Digital TV Europe. It determined that nine out of ten industry professionals worldwide have positive outlooks on the two year growth of skinny bundles. Subscription services that offer both linear and on-demand services have also grown in the past two years.

Survey respondents stated that the outlook on hybrid services growth were very positive and moderately positive. Additionally, hybrid services nearly beat out services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The term skinny bundle has had several different definitions. Previously, the term described smaller cable TV packages. Today, the term is used in the digital video environment. As skinny bundle describes linear OTT services that offer customization for their subscriptions.

Skinny bundle also is a term for a service that combines linear and on-demand content. It is defined this way in the Digital TV Europe study.

The latter definition relates to services such as Sling TV and fuboTV. Both service providers have subscriptions that offer access to on-demand content. This includes premium content from channels such as Showtime and HBO.

Hybrid or skinny bundles, are positioned as an alternative to cable.

Keep in mind, SVOD services such as Netflix do not provide on-demand content. Netflix is entertainment based and does not cover live, news, or sports portion of TV.

Another advantage to these hybrid services is the value.

Plenty of the hybrid services are reasonably priced and come with the ability to customize your channels

For Sling TV and fuboTV, they are able to capitalize on the cord-cutting market. As they provide a service to that a powerhouse competitor, such as Netflix, can not provide.