Cable providers have depended on fans to pay pricey cable bills just to watch their favorite teams. Today, there are many options that are now available to fans to root on their teams. From TVs, laptops, or smartphones fans are able to watch via an OTT service. How has the disruption of OTT affected traditional, cable providers?

Worldwide, the disruption is prevalent. Emarketer, a leader in market research, tracked TV markets in four continents. Resulting in a total population of some 3.7 billion viewers. While the populations tastes in sports, devices, and media preferences are diverse. Overall, viewers around the world are shaking up how they watch sports, by streaming.

The disruption is most prevalent in the US. The US TV market has seen the largest and strongest shift in TV viewership. The transition from traditional TV to digital is driven by streaming OTT services. In addition to these top streaming services, well known companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter are also bidding for sports streaming rights. Talk about a competitive game!

The most threatened by the shift in the TV industry, is certainly broadcasters and cable TV providers; but don’t be grabbing your tissues for them just yet! A handful of these players have insulated themselves by partnering with or buying digital media firms, in order to merge with their direct competitors. In other words, these players are quite brilliant!

Meanwhile for sports marketers, the forecast is looking sunny and bright. Due to the fact that the transition from TV to OTT is simple. Thanks to the capabilities with OTT being advanced, marketers are able to easily shift their old TV budgets to OTT. As OTT continues to evolve, these capabilities will continue to increase leaving marketers and fans happily streaming their favorite teams!