The rapid increase of content options across platforms, screens, and devices has created a splintering of audiences among OTT platforms and linear TV. For national brands, this has caused some headaches, as local relevance is becoming all the more important.

With linear TV losing their audience, brands are turning to other forms of advertising, including OTT. However, some national brands have to ramp up their efforts as advertising local can gain positive results. Although, in most cases, this is not always easy.

In particular, advertising on a local level requires the ability to personalize the message and contextually target consumer experiences with relevant content. While this can be great for brand identity – for national brands, this can be a challenge.

Think about it – when you’re traveling, do you want to blatantly be a tourist? No! you’d like to blend in with the locals, go to the local spots, and relish in the local culture. It is the same idea for advertising. In order to reach a demographic on a local level, you need to speak to the audience with contextual and relevant messaging.

For example, national brands need insight at a national to local level in order to reach the right audience.

National brands are seeking efficient ways to reach local audiences to drive better outcomes for their business. With OTT, it presents a terrific local targeting opportunity for marketers of all sizes across the nation.

Pair that with traditional TV and you are able to extend both reach and engagement, which drives measurable outcomes.

According to a Magna Global study, when a consumer views an ad on linear and OTT, it has led to more than twofold increase in brand favorability.

And lets be real… everyone wants to be everyone’s favorite local!