The IAB Digital Content Newfronts Conference has been taking place this week in New York City. Newfronts, is a week full of events that showcase the best in the digital industry. During this years event, brands such as YouTube, New York Times, Viacom, etc. have shared their innovative capabilities.

Here are a few highlights:

Target had their first IAB NewFronts appearance. The retail company announced the re-brand of their existing media network business. The re-brand will create a business model that is targeted direct towards advertisers.

The new media offering is called Roundel. The name based off of Target’s iconic round, bullseye logo. With Roundel, Target will offer advertisers their first-party customer data. They are offering a proposition for brands, even those they do not sell products for. With the intention of finding a new way for brands new customers. The business model includes ad inventory on display, social, audio, and linear TV.

Walmart, also had a segment within the IAB Digital Content Newfronts. During which Walmart announced that they are partnering with Vudu. Their partnership will grow an advertising business. As the retail company unveiled a new video ad network that will provide “retail connected, premium TV”. They will advertise through Vudu, its video-on-demand platform that streams ad-supported shows and movies. The extension will help advertisers reach more viewers than just those on their own service.

Another highlight from the week includes YouTube. The tech company said it’s original series and specials will be available for free with ads. The change to their programming gives YouTube a great opportunity to partner with various advertisers.

Before the announcement, YouTube’s original shows were available to subscribers of YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99 per month. However, the news of free original programs comes as other companies are raising their prices of their services.

In addition to this announcement, the company also said YouTube TV’s 70 broadcast and cable channels would be available as their own lineup on Google Preferred.

Meanwhile, Alphabet, the parent company of YouTube, reported a sharp decline in ad revenue growth on Monday. Alphabet’s CFO said the decline in ad revenue is due to the changes that they have made to curb the spread of fake news and conspiracy. In order to do so, they made changes to their algorithms.

The IAB Digital Content Newfronts wraps up today with Insight Symposiums.