It sounds like “Friends” will not always be there for you, on Netflix that is.

WarnerMedia,extended its license for reruns of NBC’s hit comedy, “Friends“, to Netflix this year. However, they are planning a rival streaming service of its own. The still untitled WarnerMedia streaming service is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

Although, they do not plan on sharing their content with other services.

Netflix, extended their deal for the hit sitcom in December of 2018. The two companies struck up a deal to keep “Friends” on Netflix at a reported price of $100 million dollars. This occurred after rumors of Friends leaving the service surfaced and left Netflix subscribers in a complete and utter panic.

With that being said, over 94 thousand Netflix subscribers signed a petition named “Save Friends 2019” at the end of last year. Lucky for “Friends” Fans, they were able to keep Central Perk and their favorite six friends on their TV screens. Although, WarnerMedia has the option to pull the show off of Netflix as of January 1st 2020, or continue to share it.

Due to the crowded streaming arena that WarnerMedia is showing up late to, we assume they will not be sharing their content with their competition. 

Warner certainly has an advantage, their vast amount of content. The media giant is home to a variety of assets such as HBO, Cartoon Network, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, etc.

WarnerMedia is to begin promoting their streaming service to the 50 million subscribers of HBO. As HBO subscribers are expected to be offered a tiered combo package to Warner’s new service.

While Warner has declined to discuss how much the new service will cost or whether HBO Now, CW, and DC Universe’s standalone apps will still continue to exist separate from their future streaming service.