Last week the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai, announced that the FCC will vote on whether or not streaming services are “effective competition” to cable companies.

If the FCC votes that streaming services are “effective competition” to cable companies; this would allow cable TV companies to be deregulated in areas that have limited competition. For example, Hawaii and parts of Massachusetts have limited cable TV competition.

This rule would allow for live TV streaming services to go from being in their own category, to considered as direct competition to cable TV companies, in the eyes of the FCC.

Specifically, the rule points to the over-the-top streaming service offered throughout the country by AT&T. This service provides video programming bundles comparable to those provided by cable operators.

In two weeks, the FCC will vote on the order. In doing so, that would now subject to effective competition from AT&T’s streaming service. If the Commission adopts this order , the realities of the modern video marketplace will be displayed. Streaming already plays a large role in the TV marketplace. If the rule passes, the streaming industry would receive the recognition it deserves.

The vote will happen on October 25, 2019, as the FCC takes up several significant issues.