Connected TVs are making an enormous impact on the advertising industry. In Q4 of 2018, more than half of premium TV publishers ran their impressions on Connected TV platforms. A study performed by AdBridge, displayed that advertisers ability to reach and engage with their target audience is being  influenced by the adaptation of connected devices like Roku and Apple TV. In addition to those CTV devices, ad-supported streaming services such as Hulu and Sling are enhancing their capabilities due to audience migration. The study that AdBridge conducted measured data from video ads served on desktop, mobile, tablet, and CTV devices. The primary analysis measured video advertising metrics including completion and viewability rates. The data showed that Connected TV devices have not only surpassed other devices, but are also leading in performance metrics as well. It is apparent that the Connected TV population has been growing, especially in the last few years. For instance, Connected TV devices have gained a milestone of impressions every quarter since the beginning of 2016. By year-end in 2018, that number had increased by 193%, accounting for 44% of the video impressions.

As audiences are turning to Connected TV devices, premium publishers are migrating there too! In Q4 of 2018, premium TV publishers ran more than half of their impressions on CTV platforms. The AdBridge report found that with the rise in CTV it is driving the rebirth of longer ads. While 30-second advertising spots have increased the number of impressions they receive, doubling since 2017. Based off these findings, projections show that major media companies will enter the competitive CTV market.