As negotiations continue for Dish Network and AT&T network blackouts hit max capacity.

Carriage contracts come to an end and consumers are the ones who are suffering. TV’s across the nation have channels that have gone dark.

AT&T’s DirecTV is in talks concerning blacked out CBS TV stations in major markets around the country. Meanwhile, their rival, Dish Network is in a similar battle with Disney cable channels and Meredith TV stations.

As Dish and Meredith carriage negotiations stalled, so did the channels. Last week, TV stations in 12 different markets, including Atlanta and Phoenix were blacked out last week.

Respectively, AT&T and CBS’s stock were down during Monday morning trading.

AT&T’s stock was down 2.1% to 32.09 and CBS was off 1.6% to $49.90.

Following the blackouts, AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson discussed plans for HBO Max. HBO Max, is WarnerMedia’s streaming service that will serve as a direct competitor to Netflix, Hulu, and all of the other services that hit your wallet every month.

HBO Max plans to bring live sports content to our living rooms. The service will include NBA and MLB games. Stephenson said HBO Max has significant opportunities for content as they have unique deals in the works.

Stephenson also noted that AT&T TV, a live TV service over broadband will beta launch in some markets later this summer. They have high expectations for this product and they are going to use this beta launch as a learning tool.

As for the blackouts, Stephenson believes that a deal will be worked out soon with CBS. The blackouts are affecting some 6.5 million subscribers in 14 major TV markets.