Product placement or complete mess up?

Game of Thrones is on its final season. The anticipated series has taken over the world.

Millions of viewers tune in live every Sunday night. Some viewers may have better eyes than others. This past Sunday, some Game of Thrones fans took to Twitter to comment on the Starbucks cup that made it into the show.

Yes, that is right, a Starbucks cup.

The coffee giant, is in fact everywhere including Westeros. While most viewers speculate that it was a high-profile mess up. Since realistically, product placement would not make much sense in GOT. If that is the case, that means the company got some pricey exposure, for free.

After the news broke, Game of Thrones, producers of the show admitted that the Starbucks cup was indeed a simple mistake. Bernie Caulfield, an executive producer on the show said in an interview with WNYC radio Monday, that they are sorry and that if it is the worst thing viewers are finding, then they’re in good shape.

Some Twitter users were making jokes about how a Starbucks Barista would spell different cast members within GOT’s names. As Starbucks is well known for mangling peoples names on their drinks.

Starbucks Tweet about GOT

Starbucks themselves also took part in the conversation on Twitter.

Meanwhile, companies typically pay big bucks for brand placement. For example, in 1995, BMW paid $3 million dollars to replace James Bond’s Aston Martin with their Z3 in Goldeneye.

Product placement has been around almost as long as movies and TV shows have been. This form of advertising occurs when a company pays for its product to be featured within a movie or TV show. When you factor in ‘skippable’ ads – product placement becomes an attractive form of advertising.

Currently, there is no update from HBO whether they will be removing the misplaced coffee cup from the episode. However, at the time of this publication, it can still be seen on HBO’s streams of it.